Who is on the list this year? Online gambling poker players want to know. According to Bluff Magazine, the industry’s biggest and best periodical; there are 20 great poker players out there worth mentioning right away.

After all, poker rules right? We can see this because so many of our online gambling enthusiasts play it online each and every day. With a following of hundreds of millions of poker lovers spread out over the entire globe, you would think the list couldn’t only be 20 individuals.  Poker is an influential strength in the world of entertainment not just online gambling. In fact, Presidents, Kings, billionaires and leaders of all industries play this skill game. But narrowing this elite down to 20 has been done according to Bluff magazine that is.

Known as the Poker Power 20, these players are the cream of the poker playing crop and the best of the very best poker players in the world today. Who are they? Just wait your turn and read on would you. The list takes into consideration more than just earnings too. It accolades and shows us all who is shaping the game of poker in the past year as well as pointing out where poker is headed in the coming year.

In fact, many of our online gambling fans reading this may remember last Year’s Most Powerful Person was Doyle Brunson. He was selected for his life time of true commitment to furthering the game we all love to play so much. Additionally he was noted because of his overall passion and contribution to the education of this casino game’s players in general. His innovative Super System and Super System II are educational poker tools that are references by the best players all over the planet.

If you think about it, Brunson has completely changed the game of poker from a back room hideout game to the biggest industry with casino games. The World Series of Poker generate millions and millions of dollars in player earnings all by itself – the most ever in fact and it gets better and better every year.

Okay, so you have finally figured out that we are not listing the 20 here on this online gambling site – we are leaving that honor for our friend at Bluff Magazine – you will just have to run out a buy a copy of its February 2007 issue. That is where you will see the top 20 players listed.

One thing we will comment on is that his year’s best is an organization that has left an ineradicable mark on the future of the game of poker (hint hint) and on the way the game of poker will continue in its ever evolving journey too. There is slight doubt (if any at all) that the new top pick has had an insightful authority on the game of poker. Are you getting close yet?

As we mentioned above to out legions of online gambling news article readers – this year’s 20 will be announced in Bluff Magazine’s next issue on news stands now. Not just in the US either. This magazine is publishes worldwide.

One more thing worth mentioning to our online gambling fans out there – a subscription to this fine magazine is inexpensive and it will further strengthen the support we all have for poker in general. This magazine is comparable to providing the same great tips we have here on this gambling site plus much more. There are tips, event news, industry news, and so much more offered to readers of this magazine. Check it out today. Not just for the top 20 list, but for all the trapping it contains each month. The cover shot is always s crowd pleaser too. Where else can you get interviews with the best players in the world each month? Pick it up today you’ll see.