Now that online gambling has branched our successfully into a betting frenzy for current upcoming events, the Oscar and Razzie odds are up and running at Winward casino. Will we see another Leo shut out? Will The Departed show a favorite? Well, unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past couple of years, you know Winward casino provides odds on just about anything and everything these days.

Yes, we saw the Grammys then the Golden Globes odds and in fact, there were thousands of online gambling gurus who switched from there favorite slots and table games to get in on some pop culture action online. So, currently Winward casino is offering gamblers with compelling odds on the top runners to the long shots of the 2006 movie period. In fact, we wonder what Ellen’s monologue will cover first. Online gambling fans know the Academy Awards are notorious for honoring and gratifying the best of the best. Then we see that Winward casino also offers odds on the flops of the year – the Razzies. Whether you are serious or not, these odds are worth taking a shot at. It is always an interesting situation when you bet on this non sport type event because the best team does not win, it is the actor the Academy selects that wins. Odds are much more interesting this way don’t you think?

After all, Winward casino is as diversified as a company can get. This is a global brand name – not just an online casino from Costa Rica anymore. This company is known globally for its inventive entertainment offerings and is confident in its ability to serve gambling fans and non gambling fans. Now, for the second year in a row, Winward casino has been the very first online casino site to provide worthwhile odds on these two entertainment award events to its many players.

After all the serious popularity we all have in entertainment in general spills over to the need to wager on movie stars in the public eye – because they are just that – in the public eye – day in a day out really. It is as though it is our turn to make money off of them right?

Here is what we found at press time today at the online gambling odds maker:

Odds for Best Motion Picture are: Babel 14 to 5 odds, The Departed at 2 to 3 odds, Letters from Iwo Jima holding at 9 to 1, Little Miss Sunshine 14 to 5 (our pick) and The Queen at 10 to 1. It is quite obvious that The Departed id the front runner but Little Miss Sunshine is an interesting situation nonetheless. As far as Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role go we see the following: Penelope Cruz at 22 to 1 for her performance in Volver. Dame Judi Dench from Notes on a Scandal at 20 to 1 odds, Helen Mirren’s performance in The Queen are at 1 to 30 (interesting odds here), then Meryl Streep  for The Devil Wears Prada at 9 to 1 odds and last but not least Kate Winslet  for her performance in Little Children – a long shot at 25 to 1.

Now, if you want a complete listing for both award shows, be sure to visit the online gambling site for the latest details and offerings for them. The Oscars will air on February 25th and are being hosted by Ellen Degeneres this year.

We have taken serious note of the interesting odds offered in eth Best Actress category. This is a very tight competition and if you are watching the entertainment programs and critics, you know it could go many ways here. Kate Winslet could win people some serious cash if she pulls out the win here. The odds speak for themselves here people.