If you love online gambling skill games, you want in on this. The first ever PartyGammon.com Million is getting under way and online gambling fans getting in on a million dollars worth of cash prizes. It is in fact the planet’s first ever million dollar backgammon tournament at an online gambling site. Players will play down until the final event which takes place in the Bahamas at the beautiful Atlantis resort and massive casino. Many of our online gambling news readers remember us reporting on this even t a few months ago – well now is time for the real event on land. Are you an online casino player that will be there?

Paradise Island in The Bahamas is the exact spot where a great event like this needs to be played out in the finale. The winner of this ground breaking gambling event will walk away with more than $600,000 from a total prize pool of over $1.2 million. This is $200,000 more than we though when we reported this event to our online gambling fanatics a few months ago.

The definite first prize effortlessly exceeds this year’s world championship top notch gaming prize for sure. In a recent press release to the online gambling community one spokesperson for the event stated that the prize pool is the largest in backgammon betting history and takes the game to a whole new level as far as stakes are concerned. In the event, online gambling fans will be waiting with baited breath to see who emerges form the Atlantis Grand Ballroom with the top prize.

Oh the pressure will be insane. Betting on this event is bloodthirsty. Current favorites are Danish players Sander Lyloff and Henrik Veje. The US’s best player, Nick Ballard is also in major contention here as well. Who will come out on top? Who knows? But online gambling on this event will prove a big win for many other bettors.

Just imagine the setting on a wonderful Bahamas island paradise. Atlantis is not only the Bahamas crown jewel, but there is so much to do there as well as gamble. The casino itself is massive and the atmosphere is so relaxing – even for a casino.

Okay, back to the backgammon online gambling action details.  The event’s players qualified online at the online casino site PartyGammon.com for as little as $2.50 and have a wonderful travel package worth $12,500 each. This impressive travel award includes a $10,000 buy in for the main backgammon event as well as five nights 6 days stay in the lush Atlantis resort itself. Walking around money comes to the total of eight hundred bucks too. All this for online gambling and having fun too.

Additionally, if you cannot watch this event – as many of us can’t go, it is being filmed for TV and then distributed to TV networks around the globe. No details on what networks will be buying in yet..

If you are not up to date with PartyGammon.com, it is owned and operated by the well known brand PartyGaming Plc. It is a site that has impressed many from the very beginning. The new addition of skill based online games has made this site what it is toady – a host of a one million dollar international gambling event in the Bahamas do doubt.

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