While their online gambling players are still excited over the last game update, this online casino is at it again by adding more for players to choose from. We love these reports because they show our readers that change is good and the industry is still growing well.

So, players got a great new video poker offering recently, but now they are getting another game that is even available on a cell phone. At Slotland, you know you account id good for online gambling as well as gambling on your phone. This added convenience only makes the casino want to develop more because players are demanding it with the sheer popularity it sparks. So, online or on your phone, the new games are hot at Slotland.com.

Not only are the new games formatted for online casino play and cell phones, but if you have a compatible PDA, you are also in luck. Gone are the days where traffic irritates – you can play on your cell phone while sitting on the Interstate these days – as long as you are paying attention to your surroundings that is. DO not become the guy who sits in traffic and never looks up from his phone okay?

Come to think bout it, mobile gambling might just me more convenient than online gambling at home. Well, maybe once the graphics and variety get there that is.

The trend we are expecting from Slotland in the year 2007 is new games added each few months. In fact, a spokesperson for the gaming company states that that is precisely the plan. – to add new games as often as possible. With an outlook and game plan such as this, we think an account is in order tat this online casino site – remember one account gets you access to all gaming platforms.

It was just a couple of years ago when we though developing cell phone gaming technology was unworkable – think of all the different types and brands of cell phone and providers all over the world. Formatting to each type of phone has to be a big time challenge and probably still is. We will see a spike in production for mobile gaming capability now that much of the leg work is complete. So, do not worry more games are on the way. Be sure to check out the new Booster game today at Slotland.com. In fact this three wheeled casino game has more bonus bets than any other mobile slot yet.

Playing on your cell phone has never been easier and it will only get better in the next two years when we ill witness major innovative format changes that are surely being developed by the big mobile software designers out there. Maybe you were one of the lucky visitors to the huge gaming expo in Vegas last September where many sneak peaks were seen regarding mobile gaming developments to come.

While Slotland is not the only online gambling site to provide mobile gaming to its account holders, it is by far the largest one. Bonuses for sign on have also been updated for the new year recently at Slotland to compel new players to get on board with the variety of gaming it provides to worldwide online casino game players so be sure too take a close look at this generous gaming site today for more details on variety and player rewards programs. Be sure to see the player chat as well it is very popular.